Visable Signs of Meth Use on a Property

Visible Signs a Property Was a Former Meth Lab

One telltale sign of a meth lab is a powerful ammonia smell like cat urine.

Visual cues might include:

  • Common household cleaners stored in unusual places.
  • Propane canisters on the property
  • Plastic tubing is commonly found at meth labs- it is often connected to a variety of containers
  • Small unusual holes in walls and doors indicating the running of cables for cameras
  • Trapdoors in the floor or concealed hidden rooms
  • Rust on door hinges, door knobs and light fixtures
  • Unusual burn marks
  • Burned grass or vegetation - Burn pits, stained soil or dead vegetation may indicate areas where meth lab chemicals have been dumped
  • Cat litter in odd places - cat litter is often used in meth labs to soak up spilled chemicals
  • Diffuse red or yellow stains
  • Missing or detached smoke detectors
  • Unusual ventilation - venting systems are often installed in basements to vent out meth lab fumes. Exhaust fans are common, as well.
  • Unusual plumbing - could the plumbing be installed to make it easier to dump chemicals without being detected by anyone outside?
  • Bottles filled with urine or feces -some meth users store their urine and feces then attempt to recover the unmetabolized methamphetamine from those materials.

Does the home appear to have undergone a total rehab? Does it have new flooring, rugs,  kitchen, new fixtures and paint? Ask yourself “Why”?

Looking “new” is no guarantee a home is not contaminated by meth or meth lab chemicals. The way to be certain a home is not contaminated by meth is to have the home professionally tested.

Unscrupulous sellers buy meth lab homes at rock bottom prices and cover stains with new carpet and flooring and paint walls to minimize concerns from prospective buyers or renters.

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